Visual identity
in few steps

Step 1. Idea

After approval of the valuation, we start creative work. We are looking for ideas to make your visual identity consistent and aesthetic.

Step 2. Shape

The next step is to find the shape you want. So we look for a shape, select typography …

Krok 3. Colors

We check which colors will best reflect the character of the sign, which will suit your activity/business

Step 4. Logo

We have a logo!
Now is the time to work on company materials, visualizations, and adjustments.

Step 5. Company materials

We adjust the logo and colors to specific company materials. We design business cards, envelopes, letterheads, leaflets …

Step 6. Internet

Time to get down to business on the internet. So we build a website keeping consistency in mind all the time. We create graphics for social networks.

Step 7. Gadgets

Let’s prepare advertising gadgets!
T-shirts, mugs, lanyards, glasses, or maybe another idea?

Step 8. Vehicles

You have a car? Or maybe the entire fleet?
We will design graphics and mark your vehicles.

Step 9. Markings

Signboard, coffer, plates, stickers.
From design to assembly.